Monday, December 7, 2009

The Transformer!

The Prada Transformer is old news in the architecture and fashion worlds, but I have to post about it because it's probably one of my favorite examples of both architecture and fashion seen within one project.

Early this year, designer Miuccia Prada and world-renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas collaborated to form one of the most complex event structures ever seen. The Transformer, which debuted at the end of April, is a 160-ton steel structure that can be lifted and rotated in just an hour to create a completely different shape and interior. The structure cost more than 10 million dollars to build and since April and throughout the summer, it has hosted several art exhibitions, Prada fashion shows, and a film festival. The Transformer morphed for each occasion.

One of the Transformer's most famous exhibitions revolved around Prada's "waist-down" skirts and the structure was put into a hexagonal shape. The other sides (shown above) include a cross, rectangle, and circle. On The Transformer's official site, Koolhaas says that each transformation makes one side of the structure more prominent than the others and that each side is ideal for a certain occasion.

The Transformer is located right next to the Gyeong-Hee Palace in Seoul and its construction was fully supported and praised by the city. Large companies like LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor Company helped endorse the project. The Transformer shows that Seoul is a city that's advancing rapidly technologically. Seoul, with projects such as these, has fully undergone a modernization process.

source egodesign, dezeen

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